SHOPPING: Ericdress Evening Dresses

ERICDRESS is a wonderful resource for pulling the perfect dress for any event. Offering
 dresses in all lengths and styles, they created the perfection collection of evening dresses
 for those out on the town nights, to fancy balls and special occasions. Whatever event you
 have, Ericdress has an array of dresses to choose from. You'll be surprised with their
 amazing designs and price tags too. From sleeveless to one shoulder dress, you’ll find just
 what you want to be the style star at any event! Choose from a wide variety of evening 
dresses with stunning details like beading or sequins that lend all the sophistication you 
want. Or opt for lady like but still provocative  lace. Just add the perfect pair of heels or
 evening sandals to complete a show-stopping outfit.



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SHOPPING: DressWe Vintage Prom Dresses

Today in "Shopping" section, once again, I want to take you to an online store
Whatever event you have, they have an array of dresses to choose from. Following the latest 
trends in fashion, besides wedding apparel which is their specialty, offers a wide
 range of well designed, high quality and custom tailored special occasion dresses. For example 
they have a huge selection of prettiest prom dresses in every color, material, style and budget. 
Choosing the right dress for prom doesn't have to be a hard task and you don't have to spend 
a fortune to create a fabulous look.One of the latest trends in prom dresses are vintage prom 
dresses. Vintage prom dresses of come long, ankle-length or short, strapless,
 with long sleeves made of silk, satin or lace they have it all. The choice is only yours. If 
you ask me, lace has never looked so lovely! It's a lady like but still provocative and 
depending on the cut and color, it can do both day and night. But obviously we're talking
 about night here. Prom night, to be exact, and you want to look perfect.

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Shopping for the perfect shoe is just as important as finding the dress. When buying shoes
for prom, you don't have to look elsewhere. You can find your prom shoes on,
 too. Whatever your vibe is, there's a pair to match your prom look! You can find your 
perfect prom shoes no matter what you are looking for. To pick out the right shoes, consider
the dress you're wearing for that special night. There are many styles of evening footwear
for this big night including platform pumps, peep to shoes, tilettos, round toe shoes,
wedges and much more. And they come in any color you can imagine. With such a 
selection, you are sure to find your perfect prom shoes. Here are some of my favorites,
in blue.
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